League Rules


  • Affiliation to the League is available to commercial teams and club teams (to be referred to simply as “teams” henceforth) based in Dorset and adjoining areas

  • Teams affiliated to the League will be required to organise (at least) 1 race per year

  • Race organisers will be required to give 6 priority spaces to riders of League affiliated teams.

  • Each team must appoint a Team Representative, who shall be responsible for the generally liaising between the team and the League

  • Each team must appoint a Race Organiser, who shall be responsible for the organising and running of the team’s race(s). This can be taken on by the Team Representative if desired.

  • The Race Organiser shall perform all duties normally expected of them as required by the Technical Regulations of the chosen Governing Body, except those that are specifically undertaken by the League.

  • Riders who have made a significant contribution to the running of the League may be given private affiliation. This will done be entirely at the League's discretion.

  • The League reserves the right to charge team and rider affiliation fees.


  • Races designated in the League take place under the rules of their respective governing bodies. These are British Cycling, TLI or LVRC.

  • Organisers will be able to use any online entry system the like (i.e. BC, Dorset League, RiderHQ, etc..)

  • All races to be scheduled in consultation with the league

  • Each affiliated team shall be responsible for the organisation, funding and safety of their race.

  • Teams and Race Organisers are responsible for requesting the required amount of Accredited Marshals (BC races), requesting the assistance of the National Escort Group (BC races) and supplying the necessary amount of flag marshals, all as determined by the Course Risk Assessment.

  • Teams are kindly requested to provide races for different categories, ladies and juniors wherever possible.

  • While every effort is made to stick to the schedule of League races. However, it may be necessary to change the order of the League races due to cancellation of events or other reasons. We therefore reserve the right to alter the race schedule at any time during the season. We will aim to provide as much notice and consultation as possible.

Teams, Riders and League Points

  • The League is open to all team and private riders

  • Riders must have the appropriate license from the appropriate governing body of the race.

  • Riders are awarded League Points according to their absolute finishing position in a given race, not according to their position compared to other affiliated team riders.

  • The number of League Points are awarded depending on the category of race and will be based on the BC license points system (http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/road/article/roadst_National_Regional_Rankings_Explained).

  • League Points awarded to a team will be the sum of the League Points scored by its riders in the race.

  • Unaffiliated team riders and private riders will not be able to score League Points

  • Riders will only accrue League Points from the date their team affiliates

  • If a rider changes team during the road racing season their League Points to date will stay with their previous team for the Team League Tables. Any new League Points gained afterwards will go to their new team. However, riders will keep all their League Points for the Individual League Tables.

  • Riders from affiliated clubs must race in the kit of the affiliated club to be able to score League Points.

  • Where there is a tie break in the League Tables, a count back will be done and the teams with riders that have gained the higher finishing positions through the series will be judged as the winner.

Non-compliance to any rules can result in the team affiliation being revoked or individual riders being excluded from the league.